neo-Hittite stele highlighting tab or tenon

Kuttamuwa Stele:
the Soul in the Stone -
a neo-Hittite (ca 750 bce)
funerary monument recovered in southeastern Turkey with an inscription indicating that Kuttamuwa, the man depicted, believed the soul was separate from the body and that his soul lived on in the funerary slab.
- Eudora Struble,
University of Chicago

The stele was set against a stone wall in the corner of the small room, with its protruding tenon or "tab" still inserted into a slot in a flagstone platform.
- culturekiosque

cemetery in Turkey cemetery in Turkey
photo by Pascal Sebah 1823-86
note use of tenon joints

Cairo - Turkish cemeteryCairo: Turkish Cemetery ca 1875

Cairo - tombs of the Mamelukes Cairo: Tombs of the Mamelukes ca 1875

Cairo - cemetery in the desert - old b&wCairo: cemetery in the desert ca 1875

slot & tab
middle east

- did these muslim
slot&tab tombs
in Turkey, Israel/Palestine
& Egypt
inspire the christian
slot&tab tombs
of northeast Georgia

- or is it a case of
spontaneous synchronicity?

- which is easier to believe? 2012

slot + tab tomb in Palestine
muslim cemetery, Jaffa, Israel
photo by Team Palestina

Northern Cemetery, Necropolis, Cairo

boy sitting on a tomb, photo by Alessandro Molatore
Al-Qarafa, The City of the Dead, Cairo
photo by Alessandro Molatore

boy running with wire in Necropolis, Cairo
Necropolis, Cairo, Egypt
photo by Jim Shannon

IRIN Living in a cemetery, Cairo, Egypt
EGYPT: Living in a cemetery
IRIN video 2008 Cairo

Cairo - cemeteries - Necropolis

Cairo cemetery Cairo cemeteryphoto by Galen Frysinger

A Cidade dos Mortos de Sergio Trefauttrailer: A Cidade dos Mortos
The City of the Dead
de Sérgio Tréfaut

Wadi Al Salam in Najaf, Iraq - Shi'ite cemetery, largest cemetery in the world
am impressed that, so far, am unable to see any similar tombs in the Wadi al-Ghari / Wadi Es-Salam / Wadi Al Salam/ Valley of Peace, cemetery in Najaf, Iraq, the largest cemetery in the world
photo of Wadi al Salam by Ali Abu Shish
Wadi us-Salaam, Najaf, Irak