Mount Yonah, east of Cleveland, Georgia, west of Nacoochee

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10-11 march 2001 fieldtrip to NE Georgia
to find a range and variety of the "slot & tab" tomb

photographs: -very- graphic intensive:
all images 640x480 or 480x640, 72dpi
individual images range between 264k - 476k:
DSL or T1 connection recommended
camera: Canon Ultura digital video camcorder

ethnicity from surnames: English. Baptist/Methodist.
tomb dates: 1860-1890.

tom kunesh

  1. New Hope Baptist Church, on the way to Elijay
    no slot&tab. two rounded concrete tombs with head & footstones
    7 images / 3.3mb

  2. Siloam Baptist Church, west side of Dahlonega
    1 complete slot&tab tomb in cemetery w/squared-stone-log construction
    Mary Johnson 1832-1883. at least 1 headstone from a slot&tab tomb.
    westernmost example found.
    20 images / 7mb

  3. Mount Hope Cemetery, Dahlonega
    excellent examples of slide-slab construction.
    est. circa 1800. name: Robert E. Learl, d. 1878.
    34 images / 12.8mb

  4. Mount Gilead Baptist Church Historic Cemetary
    side-slab, squared=stone-log, convex top-slab, flat-on-the-earth, and stone box tombs.
    tomb date: 1886. name: Elizabeth C. Stringer, d. 1886; and a W. Woods.
    38 images / 15mb

  5. Cleveland Cemetery
    1 slide-slab construction, and at least 1 headstone from a slot&tab tomb. northernmost example found.
    est. 1866.
    17 images / 6.2mb

  6. Word of Faith Deliverance Center, Auraria, south of Cleveland
    formerly Old Soules Methodist Church
    1848-1855 death dates. 10 slot&tab tombs. mixed side-slab and squared-stone-log construction.
    45 images / 16.5mb

  7. Dewberry Baptist No. 2, south of Cleveland, north of Gainesville
    est. 1821. 3 slot&tab tombs, and others w/similarities.
    18 images / 6.6mb

  8. New Bridge Baptist Church, north of Gainesville
    est. 1879. 6 slot&tab tombs. southernmost example found.
    31 images / 11.6mb

  9. Friendship Baptist Church
    est. 1905. no slot&tab. child's low gravehouse ca. 1968.
    5 images / 1.6mb

  10. Chattahoochee United Methodist Church, north of Helen
    no slot&tab. phyllite called "soapstone" by local.
    est. 1860
    3 images / 1mb

  11. Nacoochee United Methodist Church
    "White Methodist Church"
    no slot&tab. cairns and child's bavarian-style gravehouse ca. 1978.
    est. 1820s
    16 images / 5.9mb

  12. Shoal Creek Baptist Church
    est. 1835. second largest group (22) of slot&tab tombs found to date.
    names: T.M. Kimzy, Eldon -, Nancy Smith d. 1873, John Cantrell d. 1872. 48 images / 17.8mb

  13. Wahoo Baptist Church
    est. 1819. largest group (38) of slot&tab tombs found to date.
    names: William Christopher d. 1860, Henrieta F.? Barker d. 187-, Malinda Boyd
    27 images / 9.4mb

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tom kunesh