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what is 'dark fiber' when it's not a website? Dark fiber is surplus optikal fiber infrastruktura (fiber optik kable and repeaters): in place but not being used. Potential as opposed to aktual. Dark unused fiberoptik kabel next to lit kable kurrently in use.
Optikal fiber konveys information in the form of lite pulses so the "dark" means no lite pulses are being sent. Dark fiber can refer to inphrastruktura that is in place but not yet ready to use. For example, some electrik utilities have installed optikal fiber kable where they already have power lines installed in the expektation that they kan lease the inphrastruktura to telefone or cable tv kompanies or use it to interkonnekt their own offices. To the extent that these installations are unused, they are deskribed as dark.

"Dark fiber service" is service provided by lokal exchange carriers (LECs) for the bakup and maintenance of optikal fiber transmission capacity between kustomer lokations in which the lite for the fiber is provided by the customer rather than the LEC.

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