bad image of my 1975 'A Prairie Home Companion' poster

lo-res 1975 'A Prairie Home Companion' poster

with photos of Rod Bellville, Sean Blackburn, Rudy Darling, Bill Hinkley & Judy Larson,
Dakota Dave Hall, Soupy Schindler, Michael Moriarty, Ray Markland, Buzz Kemper,
Garrison Keillor, Vern Sutton, Butch Thompson,
dedicated to our dad who started listening to KSJR when we got our first FM radio
from gramma & grampa, his parents, ca. 1973 (i remember because
that's when we could finally pick up WCCO-FM from the Cities),
signed "with all my very best Sartell biscuits - Best Garrision Keillor"
with testimonial of Hjalmar Ingquist, map of Lake Wobegon,
shot-up Lake Wobegon town sign (1950 Census) & Jack's Credo

Designed by Larry K Hanson
Photographs by Cheryl Lee Walsh
Jack's portrait by Gregory W Bitz

a present from Bill Parker, overnight classical radio host
at KSJR, GK's original radio station, ca.1975,
at St John's University where our dad used to work with Ed Henry,
framed by my oldest sister Julie.

- how come i haven't seen any of these posters online anywhere?

tom kunesh 2012